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First Time Home Owners (Do’s and Don’ts)

First Time Home Owners (Do’s and Don’ts)

Congratulations if you’ve just purchased your first home! You are one of the lucky ones who has found their dream home. Now it’s time to get settled in. Although becoming a new homeowner is a very exciting time, it is also followed by a lot of work and typically a lot of new expenses as well. Perhaps you are wanting to have a new home security system installed or maybe you’re looking to do some repainting and switch up the colour scheme. Whatever it is that you are now left to do with your new home, there are certainly lots of do’s and don’ts tips that are helpful to keep in the back of your mind during your first time home buying experience. Take a look at this list to help ease the stressful and overwhelming feelings you may have about the process.

Meet the neighbours! After all, you did just purchase your time home so you will likely be there for the next while. You may as well settle in and get comfortable by getting to know the new people around you that you’ll be seeing on a daily basis. Take the time to build a relationship with your neighbours and become a part of the community.

Think cost efficient. We’re all aware that a house, (especially your first house) is quite an expensive purchase. You’re going to want to cut back on as many costs as possible and save as much as you can. This means upgrading your home with energy saving installations such as replacing your light bulbs with LED’s or CFL’s, a higher tech programmable thermostat, low flow shower heads, etc. It may not seem like it, but it’s these little things that will make the biggest difference on your hydro bill and also help the environment too.

Maybe you plan to do a total renovation to your new house and design it the way you’ve always envisioned your first home to look like. This can be a very exciting project to take on, but it will be the furthest thing from easy work, especially if you are doing the renovations yourself. Avoid jumping right into the renovations before you even move in. It is recommended that you actually live in the home at least a few months prior to doing the renovations so you can get a good feel for the new space and decide which areas of the home need improvement or upgrading.

Stay on top of the yard work. As much work as you have left to do on the inside such as unpacking, organizing, etc. it is also just as important to make sure that you keep your yard well maintained. Remember, you own this home now and should take pride in that by keeping it looking clean and well looked after and cared for.

Be sure to locate the main water valve in case of emergency or if it ever needed to be turned off immediately. This is not only for safety reasons but also to reduce the chance of any flooding or water damage happening that could have been stopped or prevented in the first place.

Wait a little bit before you go crazy on shopping for new furniture or decorative items for your new home. Yes, you are likely very eager to have your house finished and exactly the way you want it, however we can often tend to make rash decisions when it comes to purchasing things when we’re in a hurry. Take the time to feel out your new home and establish the look and design you want to go for. Don’t rush the process, your home will come together in no time!

Last but not least, take advantage of this opportunity to host a housewarming party. Especially if you’ve just taken over ownership in the summer when the weather is warm, this is a great time to have everyone outdoors on your new patio for a BBQ if you have one. Be sure to invite your friends, family and don’t forget about your neighbours too!

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