Nanaimo is one of the most beautiful and well-known communities on Vancouver Island. Its town is known for their stunning landscapes and views, surrounded by many clean parks, mountains and ocean. Nanaimo is a town that is continuously growing and improving its tourism services while it is becoming more and more popular for both people becoming residents here and those who simply just enjoy visiting. Being less than a 2-hour drive from Victoria, Nanaimo is a great place to live if you wish to be centrally located and enjoy weekend getaways or family vacations that are not too far away.

If you enjoy embracing the outdoorsy lifestyle, Nanaimo is never a letdown when it comes to things to do. Much like the Pacific Northwest, Nanaimo is surrounded by lush green forests with many amazing hiking and mountain biking trails. Its climate makes it a desirable place to live as winters are not harsh but you can expect cool to mild temperatures with lots of rain. Summers in Nanaimo is warm and sunny so you can look forward to enjoying spending most days outside with hardly any rain at all.

Nanaimo has many clean beaches, making it an awesome place for those who enjoy swimming, boating, fishing, and even snorkelling or diving. Areas such as Departure Bay, Snake Island and Jack Point are great for these types of activities. Just outside of Nanaimo Harbour, there are even man-made diving reefs with sunken ships as well. If you wish to partake in more extreme sports, there are also activities such as bungee jumping and zip-lining within this area too.

Whether you are looking for a waterfront home located right on the ocean, a brand new condo or even a refurbished home, Nanaimo has all the options available. With many parks and schools in the area, it is quite easy to find a home that will be a perfect fit for you if you have young children and would like to be close by these amenities. Many brand new properties have recently been developed in areas such as Yellow Point and while they may be modern, they still maintain that cozy outdoor country feel.

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