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Tips To Get Your Home Ready For Showings

Tips To Get Your Home Ready For Showings

Let’s be honest. Selling your home is a very busy time as it is important to always have your home ready for viewings and in its best showing condition. We always hope that our home sells quickly with minimal viewings and keeping your home looking presentable is key to making this happen. Potential buyers want to visualize themselves living in this space and nothing is more convincing than when they can see exactly how much potential the home has when it looks its best.

Choose a specific area to store your “junk” or items that are unnecessary to have out at all times. If you have a storage closet or a garage in your home, this makes for a great space to hide any clutter that you may have. This will not only make your home look more organized for viewings, but eliminating any extra items from the living areas will also make the home look like it has more open space. This tip is especially helpful if you have children and want to clear the toys out of the area. Having a few large storage bins on hand can go a long way if you’re looking to do a quick tidy up, last minute before a viewing. Simply pack the items away and store them in the closet during a viewing!

Staging your home for showings will also help with the selling process. This doesn’t always mean you need to be a professional interior designer, but something as simple as fresh flowers in your living room or a fruit bowl in your kitchen can make your home feel more welcoming. Sometimes it’s just the little things!

Although having your home professionally staged is not required and is not always necessary, there are times where it might be appropriate to consider it. It can be very helpful if your home is sitting empty with no furniture and has been on the market for some time. Potential buyers want to be able to picture how they can decorate the home and where all of their furniture will go. Sometimes actually seeing how nice the house looks when it’s professionally staged can give the home buyers a better idea of how they could personally decorate it themselves if they choose to purchase it.

It goes without saying that less is usually more when it comes to how much stuff we have in our homes. As we already went over the importance of getting rid of any unnecessary clutter, having  a nice bright home will also go a long way. It is proven that people tend to be happier and in a better mood when they are surrounded by light instead of darkness. Buyers will always look for lots of light in the home that they are going to be investing in. Opening up the blinds and turning on all of the lights inside the house will do wonders.

If you have any pets in the home, make sure that you have cleaned up after them as much as possible (this goes for both indoor and outdoor too!) Be sure to clean up any traces of fur, toys, food, treats, etc. Remember, the vacuum is your best friend for cleaning up fur and reducing the reaction to any allergies that someone may have. As sweet and loveable as your furry friend may be, often people have allergies or may even be afraid of certain animals such as dogs. When possible, it’s usually a good idea to either have someone in your family take your dog for a walk during any viewings just to be sure that there aren’t any issues.

As important as it is to maintain a clean interior when your home is being showed, making sure that the exterior of the house is presentable as well is also key. You would be surprised what a quick outdoor tidy up can do for enticing prospective buyers. Making sure that your grass is kept cut, weeds are pulled from the garden and cleaning up any clutter on the exterior areas such as lawn, patio, etc. will make all the difference. If your home has a pool, make sure that it is kept clean from any insects, fallen leaves, etc. Putting the pool cover on when it’s not being used will certainly save you a lot of time from having to scoop out any unwanted outdoor debris from the water.

Keeping on top of regular home clean ups will help you be less overwhelmed and stressed, especially if your realtor calls to let you know that there is someone who wants to view it on short notice. This way you’ll always be prepared for even last minute showings too!

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